What is it?

With boo-box packages for startups, your company takes off spending little money

Every entrepreneur wants his company to fly high, and to achieve so, it is necessary to have some special help.

This is the role of boo-box special plans for startups: provide the support that your company needs to make your brand known.

The great distinction is that these plans allow you to access to a thousand Web sites and profiles of boo-box network, spending little money.

With an investment according to your budget, you can advertise and show your message to thousands of people throughout Brazil.

There are four pre-defined plans. However, you will not be limited by them since with boo-box, the sky is the limit to advertise your company.

How it works

A universe available for you

boo-box has a network of over 310 thousand websites and blogs, administered by more than 40 thousand publishers. All this content, which is segmented into 29 categories, reaches 80 million people, representing 100% of Internet users in Brazil. It is a scope equal to a massive communication media but with a specific content.

An investment for every flight plan

To make your startup known in boo-box it is necessary to analyze the potential investment according to the budget of your company. Our plans have different values and for each of them you will be guaranteed certain number of clicks in your ads, as well as tweets in our seeding system. Plans start as from US$ 1,500,00.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Take off!

With the proper investment, you just have to contact our commercial department and hire your plan. It then starts the countdown to your company take off and to your startup disclosure to millions of people.

Sponsored tweets

A network of 23,000 Twitter profiles talking about your startup, impacting over 15 million people.

Graphic ads

Your ads on boo-box’s network, which has over 310,000 sites, impacting 80 million people in Brazil (100% of all internet users in the country) and expanding to Latin America.

Startups launched in Brazil with boo-box ads